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GroBuild Commercial Group's Steps How To Get Smarter Construction Leads

Get Smarter Construction Leads - Grobuild Commercial Group

No matter what business you are in, building a repertoire is essential to long term success. If a client’s association with you is positive, it will inadvertently lead to more construction leads and repeater customers. A portfolio shows how you operate and what you have to offer and is a great place to position yourself in the Construction Industry. However, to build yourself as an expert in your niche, you need to take some essential steps.

Be a Problem Solver

You might have conducted some excellent work and come up with out of box solutions, but unless this is showcased, your potential customers will remain unaware of it. A great way of communicating this is by documenting challenges you encountered while executing a project. Sharing before and after pictures, Instagram posts, Facebook videos, or tweeting about your work will keep you fresh in your viewer’s mind.

Give video tips and show through pictures how you would solve a construction-related problem, and people are going to associate your business with problem solving and innovation subconsciously.

Regular Content Goes a long Way

The internet has a short memory, and posts are quickly buried under the next viral trend. Therefore, you must churn out regular posts of value to be memorable. You will be at the bottom of the proverbial barrel if you are not generating value through content; website content should be a priority at all times. Viewers will not seek you out; beyond that first page of search results, businesses go to die.

Reviews and Referrals

No amount of marketing can undermine the value of good feedback. Make sure happy clients write reviews and refer your business to others who need your services. Most companies underestimate the importance of Facebook reviews and “native Google reviews”. The organic value and confidence generated by a client’s few choice words cannot be replicated by marketing tactics, no matter how aggressive.

Clients need quite a bit of nudging before you get a good review out of them. So be respectfully persistent and even guide them about what aspects they could highlight about the work you did for them. Some clients may even ask you what to write; give them some guidelines on what could be included without dictating the whole thing.


To engage with your potential consumer base, try to answer questions on construction-related forums and have a “frequently asked questions” page on your website dedicated to answering some common queries of potential clients. Content that targets a specific audience helps Google allot relevant importance to your website. In addition, if answers to some commonly asked questions keep popping up on your website, your website ratings will improve quickly.

What You Can’t do, Delegate!

Naturally, all the tips here require money, time, energy, and constant engagement. You don’t NEED to hire the best construction leads generation companies, but it’s better if you do. Commercial construction leads do not start coming in overnight, it’s a process, and an expert is more likely to direct quality traffic towards your construction website. It’s better to delegate what you can’t give a 100% to; try to orient yourself towards growth and don’t try to do everything yourself. At Grobuild, the focus is never just generating more commercial construction leads, the journey has to lead somewhere productive. We use solid databases and AI protocols to generate leads; this ensures that what you see is what you get, free from human error.

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