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How to Convert New Fitout and Construction Leads to Sales?

Convert New Fitout and Construction Leads to Sales | Grobuild Commercial Group

Car sales associates are an excellent case study in converting interest into a purchase. If you’ve ever been to buy a car (which I am sure you have!), you would know, good car sales clerks, are persuasive without being pushy, persistent without annoying you and always seem to know what you would like best, even if the price point is slightly over budget.

To bring this sort of tact to your construction business, you need to pursue construction leads proactively.

Here are some tips that might make all the difference you need.

Blog and take it Seriously!

Blogging should be handed over to an expert in the niche’, or you should make it a top priority. Nothing charms the search engines like a good blog. Search engine ratings are improved quickly and connect with more potential buyers. You don’t have to buy construction leads. A great up to date blog will do wonders for your business.

It’s a way to interact and solve your customers’ problems without one-on-one- communication. Set yourself up for success, do your research, find out what people are looking for, and create content around the most common questions. If potential consumers see you as a problem solver, you are more likely to convert leads to sales quickly.

Content is easy to overlook and not a priority for many businesses. Find a content writer if you feel blogging is not your thing. But, let generic fluff rule your website. Quality content will build impressions, and audience-centric content will give you more leads than you realize.  

Keep it Simple

A good website doesn’t have to be flashy and full of pages to reflect quality. Make the layout of your website clean and clutter-free. Don’t make your visitor work to find your information and contact. The modern consumer is impatient and doesn’t like to be frustrated. If visitors cannot find your information, they won’t, mainly because they have given up and moved on to another website.

Your address, contact information and email should be easily viewable on your website. A live chat feature can engage your visitors and make contacting you more accessible. Shorter videos generate consumer confidence and appreciate a company that has gone through the trouble of making things easier for them.  

Ask the Right Questions

After you’ve been in business long enough, you can make some educated assumptions about your potential clientele in any industry. When potential consumers contact you, asking good questions will make it easier to match your service to their needs. Be tactful and give a variety of options and opinions that are clear and concise. Finally, try to engage as much as possible. A business owner that makes an effort from contacting potential contacts builds an incredible repertoire, and this kind of goodwill travels the good old fashioned way; word of mouth.

Ensure that your sales team or operators are energetic and that no leads are lost to lethargic responses.

Identify Decision-makers and Explain

It is crucial to identify the decision-makers when contacting a lead. A seasoned sales team can identify; whom to call and when to call. Make sure that each sales call is concise and willing to offer explanations for your company’s services. The profile and portfolio of your business should be available for perusal at all times.

Timing is critical in these situations, especially when the project is commercial construction. Talk to the potential consumer, talk about their needs, and how the solutions you offer are a better fit. A convincing argument can revolve around an attractive proposal like a free consultation.

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