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Why Generating Leads for Commercial Construction can be Harder

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Sometimes construction companies that have experienced a growth spurt and are looking to scale up to commercial construction from residential projects don’t realize just how different the results and process for both can be. It is easy to lose hope when commercial leads are not generated at the same acceleration the company is used to, with general construction. It is essential to understand that commercial lead generation does not happen overnight and is time-consuming. You might be growing, but there are bigger fish in the sea.

A difficult Market Segment to Penetrate

 The term general construction covers many construction services such as renovations, remodels, designs, and builds. However, of the different categories of construction, i.e., State, Residential, Federal, and Commercial Construction is where the most lucrative contracts are situated. Commercial construction revolves around building, selling, or leasing in the private sector; these spaces could include offices, manufacturing plants and shopping centres.

The projects available under this head are diverse; the smaller-scale project focuses on design updates, interior maintenance, or upgrades. These projects are more oriented towards the upkeep of an existing space rather than any new construction. For a company just entering the commercial market, these types of projects are a good starting point. Novice firms with a little bit of competitive pricing can build repertoire. These projects are low risk and offer a great way to showcase your skills.

Entry into this market segment is challenging; you don’t get the more significant projects right away, and you have to work on generating commercial construction leads painstakingly. Since this segment is not conducive for newcomers, it takes time before regular leads start pouring in. The customer confidence required to move from “light commercial construction” to proper “ground-up commercial construction” is substantial. The first project will be the hardest to land, but the pace will pick up once you prove your mettle and use it to get good reviews and referrals.

 You Cannot Afford to be Stingy

When you decide to dive into commercial projects, you will need help. From professional website designers, SEO experts to lead generation services, you will have to invest in the future of your business. If you skimp on cash and don’t get the best services, you will have poor viewership, despite having a great portfolio. It’s a proven fact that your company’s logo, brand image, website design play just as important a role as your business profile.

You might think that what’s in a name or logo, your work speaks for itself! Unfortunately, the data suggests otherwise. According to an article published by “Hook Agency”, 73% stated that poor website outlook could be a deal-breaker. Bad design will drive customers away and reflect negatively on the quality of the company’s services. It’s not ideal, but a book does get judged by its cover. How a website looks can make or break business prospects, and no one wants to be judged based on poor website design.

It’s crucial that when scaling, companies don’t worry too much about the budget. You cannot afford to be stingy! It’s going to cost in the long-run when a buggy website or poor design aesthetic ends up repelling potential clientele.

Trust the Experts

Always trust your instincts but don’t ignore expert advice. Once you hire the proper construction lead generation services, don’t get anxious for results too quickly or expect results overnight. Although hiring specialists is a step in the right direction, it’s not a magical solution to generating more leads. It would help if you trusted the tools and processes they utilize to bring you more business. It will improve your reach and prospects, especially if they have experience in commercial construction leads. However, patience is critical. Initially, you will get more curiosity and queries than reputation and recognition.

Remember, Rome wasn’t built in a day!


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